Thursday, April 30, 2009

First ultrasound - 5w


The ultrasound went well, he said everything looked right where it should be. We saw one gestational sac measuring 9mm, and there's a tiny yolk sac present. And he said it's too early to hear a heartbeat or see a fetal pole yet.

The doc confirmed I'm at 5 weeks, but after googling about measurements and pregnancy dating, my guess is that I ovulated a few days early, so maybe I'm 5w and 2-3d. They'll see me next week for another ultra, hopefully to hear the heartbeat then.

I'll get my bloodwork results this afternoon, so I'm expecting an HCG of around 7000-7500, and prog in low 20's.

It was pretty cool to see the sac, DH shed a few tears. Then we went to a nearby diner for breakfast and started talking names and nursery colors. Way ahead of ourselves for sure, but I want to try to enjoy this pregnancy, and not worry the entire time. So easy to have a rosy outlook when coming from a promising doctor's appt - we'll see how I'm doing in a few days!!!

And while seeing twins would have been thrilling, I'm actually kind of glad we have a singleton. The stress of twins with a demanding, full time job could be a big stretch... Not to mention carrying twins would put me at a higher risk at my age. I'm happy to be right in the "norm" here!


  1. Congratulations! Five weeks...only 35 more to go! I'm so glad the u/s looked good - it is an amazing thing to see, isn't it? Hopefully in another week you'll see your baby bean. This is so exciting!