Friday, April 24, 2009

Picked up my meds

Well, still no AF, but I decided to pick up my drugs last night anyway.

I'll need to start injections on Day 2, so if I get my period this weekend, I could end up not having the meds when I need them. I only ordered two days worth - $780. And who knows, maybe I won't even need them? Highly unlikely, but I can hope, right??

Speaking of hope, I'm thinking I might start the process for egg donor, in case this third round doesn't work. I know there's usually a wait to get a donor, so it would probably be a good idea to start the process now rather than wait until after? Or does that mean that I'm not giving this chance "my all"? Or maybe it will help distract me and keep me sane, especially during the 2ww?

I had a consult with my first clinic regarding their egg donor program after the first failed IVF. I liked the coordinator, kind of (DH couldn't stand her!). She was annoying, and talked waaaayyyyy too much about her experience and her thoughts and her beliefs, but on the other hand, you can tell she loves what she does and I want someone who really wants to do this well.

What I mainly liked about the first clinic is the high success rate. For live births with DE, their success rate in is in the mid 60's. The clinic I'm at now is in the low 50's (which is also the national average). That's a 15% difference! I'm not sure what makes up that difference (they say it's their stringent screening process), but I like those odds!

The DE process will end up costing about $35k. That's an insane amount. The donor gets 8k, the drugs for both of us will be about 6k, and then the doc fees are about 20k. Maybe I will start by writing a letter to them and see if I can get approved for insurance contract rates, rather than paying "retail". I wonder, in this economy, is there a decrease in patients using DE? Would they have an incentive to give me a reduced rate? heck, even if I can get a few thousand shaved off, that would be something.

But again... maybe I won't even need it!

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  1. Hi! I just came over from LFCA. I read through your postings and am so sorry things have not worked out so far.

    You will find a lot of support here and a lot of helpful information.

    I share many similarities with you: age 40+, experiencing the "we don't count" attitude" and yet, remaining hopeful.

    Good luck to you!