Thursday, April 30, 2009

The numbers - 5w

Just got the email from my nurse, and these are my numbers:

HCG Level: 7122
P4 Level: 21.5

They are EXACTLY where I was hoping they would be. I'm a math and computers major - I really like when numbers are good!

I also found out that I'm rh positive, which is a good thing - no potential conflict with the fetus. (If the mother is negative and the father is positive, there's a chance that the fetus could be positive. A positive fetus with a negative mother could cause some issues. But if the mother is positive, it doesn't matter what the fetus is, you will be compatible no matter what).

And then my nurse said she'd get the results of the TSH on Friday or Monday and let me know. What's the TSH you ask? Or, at least I asked Dr. Google (I had never heard of it before). It has to do with the thyroid. I don't know much, just that these are the normal ranges:

First Trimester: 0.24 - 2.99
Second Trimester: .46-2.95
Third Trimester: .43 - 2.78

So, one more thing to hope for! I seem to be doing pretty good in the numbers department so far, so I'm hoping it will be another positive reinforcement.

New topic - fetal doppler. Has anyone used one? I recently read about them, and was really excited about the idea of renting or buying one. Hey - I have to spend my saved IVF money on something, right? All of a sudden, a few hundred dollars feels like peanuts compared to fertility costs!

I was excited until I came home and told DH about it. He was not as thrilled. See, he knows me really well - he said I'll be using it every day, and the minute I can't find a heartbeat, I'll panic, cause him to panic, and go nuts trying to get in to see the doc. And you know what, I think he's right! I was thinking it would be reassuring, but I think it has the potential to cause more stress, not less. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

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  1. Wow! What great numbers! I love that you got a fetal doppler...what the heck!!! How cool is that?