Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The consult

So, what did the doc say? He said he thought it was a good cycle, that it very well could have resulted in a BFP, but it didn't. He still believes I can succeed with my own eggs. I'm hooked. I want to believe, too.

Should I try again or move to DE? He thinks YES, try again. Well why not, it's not his money, right? After IVF#2, I've spent a little over $20k so far. My insurance will now not pay for anything at all. Every blood draw, every test - not covered. I've been going to the lab directly if they need just blood without the ultrasound to save the $100 office visit fee (but I still have to pay for the lab work). I wrote a letter to the financial counselor and begged for the insurance contact rates, rather than the full rate. They approved it, saving me $2.5k (do you realize that they ask the insurance companies for LESS money than they charge people with no insurance coverage??? Why should it cost more for me paying individually, than for an insurance company paying? It's a double whammy - "oh, you have no coverage? great, we'll charge you more!"). I put $7k (the max) into my company's Flexible Spending Account so I could spend pre-tax dollars for the procedure, saving me about $2k. It's really a shame to have to worry so much about the money, especially in this economy!

We spoke about 3 different protocols to try, and settled on the microdose lupron protocol. I've read good things and bad things about it, but I'm willing to try. Will I end up with more than 3 embryos to transfer? Would I have been better off sticking with the antagonist protocol and being able to reasonably count on 3 decent quality embryos?

I always second guess myself....

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