Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The naivete continues

So we did just that - I peed on a stick a lot, we had a lot of scheduled sex (NOT fun, believe me), and I took a lot of chlomid pills. And nothing. But not to worry, I had faith.

Actually, I had a schedule. See, I really wanted a baby to be born in the summer. I knew I would need to go back to work in 6-8 weeks once disability ended (how sad, I terribly wish I could take a year off like my mom did...), and I wanted those weeks to be in the warm weather so I could take walks with the baby and enjoy the outdoors. A June or July birth would be perfect, so I really wanted to get pregnant in September.

So here was my plan.... chlomid and timing until April, three IUIs in May, June and July, then finally IVF in the Aug/Sep timeframe if I REALLY HAD TO. In my head, it was a win-win. If I get pregnant before Sep, great, but if not, and it took an IVF to knock me up, then I would get my June baby. I was always able to find the bright side of each possibility. I was so clever and had it all planned out

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