Monday, April 27, 2009


OK, this has been a whirlwind weekend....

We were having friends over for dinner on Sat, and about an hour before they were coming over, I decided to POAS. No reason really - I was on day 32, pretty normal for me. Feeling all the signs of AF - mild cramps, tender breasts. I remember that after my first IVF, the following cycle was 35 days, so I really didn't think anything of being on day 32... plus, I didn't count days or figure out when I was ovulating - no timed sex this month, I gave us a break!!

Well, wouldn't you know it - BFP!!! I expected that when I saw finally that on a pee stick, I would go crazy - laugh, cry, scream.... but I guess I really didn't believe it. I showed DH, and he was also very calm. It was weird. Certainly not the overjoyed, ecstatic moment I always imagined we would have when we found this out. It's amazing what the infertility "journey" does to you.

So we had our friends over, cooked dinner, etc. Then I proceeded to POAS about 5 more times over the weekend, all bright positives, no question about it. I have a collection lined up in my bathroom - different brands, different colors, all positive.

This morning I went for the blood test, feeling pretty confident it would be positive, just wondering what the beta would be. I calculated that I was 18dpo, so I was hoping for a 400 or more. I also had the urge to start the progesterone suppositories, just in case, but the nurse I spoke to on Sun told me to wait for the levels. I was hoping for at least a 9 on the progesterone...

Well, funny thing (and kind of appropriate, too), the first call I received from the clinic was the financial coordinator asking how I'd like to receive my refund, as she understood I wouldn't be cycling this month!! Kind of clued me in to what the nurse was going to tell me!

Then the nurse called and gave me my levels:

E2 Level: 631
HCG Level: 3023
P4 Level: 19.8

Whoa! Over three thousand on the HCG??? I was praying for over 400! The nurse said I probably ovulated early and was further along than we both calculated. But still.... I'm wondering if it could be twins, but it was natural this month - that just doesn't make sense to me. Is it common to produce more eggs after a cycle, do the ovaries continue to run on overdrive even if the meds have stopped?

She also didn't want me to take prog since the level was great (yippee - no suppositories 4 times a day!). The estrogen is elevated because I was taking Estrace to get ready for the next cycle, so she said just continue that until they tell me to get off it. And they want me in for an ultrasound on Thursday, which is slightly under 5 weeks. But they really think I'm further along than the days would suggest.

So, wow!!! I'm still a little (lot) in shock, and trying to hold back on the excitement. Ok, I read about 3 pregnancy books yesterday, and I'm googling everything, but for me, that's calm! I feel like I've passed the chemical pregnancy milestone, but I can't help being worried about ectopic, or regular miscarriage, or genetic disorder of some sort. Lots of hurdles ahead, still.

But hopefully one big hurdle behind me!


  1. Congratulations! How fun to come to your blog for the first time and see your wonderful news! GREAT HCG!

  2. What a great surprise! Congrats!

    Mr Shelby

  3. Wow! I am so happy for you! Congratulations on HCG that is through the roof! Please keep blogging....I am dying to find out if you are carrying twins!

    You give me hope!

  4. Wow - that's great news! Congratulations.