Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving along

Well, if you've read my history along the side, you'll see that my view of having a baby through rose-colored glasses did not go as planned.

After the chlomid didn't work, we did a few IUIs, that didn't work. We hit a cyst along the way, which stalled us for a month, and also discovered I had a 3 cm fibroid. Luckily it was not protruding into the uterus, and the RE thought it would have not impact on anything, but we had to keep an eye on it in case it grows or changes.

So there we were in Aug 2008, 3 failed IUI's later, optimism turning to cynicism, facing IVF. The last chance for us. OK, I guess I would figure out how to do this and not tell my boss (not a very understanding guy) or anyone at work for that matter. The hardest thing would be managing my travel, as I had several clients that were a plane ride away, plus a few internal meetings I needed to attend. So we put it off til Sep, and got started.

But I was angry. Angry that I had to go through the hassle of doing this. Angry that I didn't have insurance coverage. Angry that I had gained 15 pounds on the chlomid, Angry that the clinic was so cold and impersonal, and I basically had to manage the cycle myself. There had been some confusions in the beginning about the drug protocol, the use of BPCs, and when I was going to start. I had rearranged my client meetings based on what they told me, and then they made it seem like I had misunderstood. But we got it figured out and I was on my way.

IVF here we come. I'd be pregnant in a month! Yipee! (see, I still managed to muster some positivity and see the bright side)

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