Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's $$ got to do with it? Plenty!

Oh, and my planning didn't stop with timing. I had the money thing all worked out, too. Unfortunately, we weren't in the best situation with infertility coverage, but I had that solved, too.

You see, NJ is a great state for being infertile - they mandate that companies cover 4 rounds of IVF, plus some number of IUIs, plus medications, plus testing. Great! Well, there are two exceptions for companies that don't need to follow the mandate - companies with less than 50 people (my husband's company), and those who are self insured (my company). So DH's insurance covered testing, and mine has a $10k lifetime maximum, including all testing, and no coverage for drugs.

Damn, that's bad luck for us. Well, that's OK, because when we sat down with the financial counselor and told her our plan after we were done with the testing, she said that if we did 3 IUI's, and then an IVF, my $10k would almost cover it. Maybe I'd have to pay a few thousand for the IVF. Plus the drugs. We had money in the bank, but hey, I really didn't think we would get to the point of IVF anyway. Problem solved. Next!

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