Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last one standing

Let's see... since I started this journey through infertility, I discovered many friends / acquaintances were having struggles, too. It sort of bonds you, even though the reasons and experiences might be different, you share in the pain of not having a child.

Here's a list of my reproductively challenged friends:

A: BFP-mc, BFP-baby boy
B: IVF#1-BFP, twin girls
C: IUIs, IVF#1&2- BFN, IVFwDE#1-mc, IVFwDE#2-BFP, twin girls
D: BFP, mc, BFP, mc, IUI#1-BFN, IUI#2-BPF, pregnant now
E: IUIs, IVF#1&2-BFN, IVF#3-BFP, pregnant now

They're all pregnant or have babies. And I'm so happy for them, really I am, but I feel lonely. I feel scared that I'll be the only one who ultimately can't conceive a child.

OK, today is day 30 and still no AF. But I felt twinges and cramps last night that definitely feel like the signs of AF. I don't think there will be a miracle conception this month. But I still haven't ordered my drugs....

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