Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 weeks

Three weeks - that's how long I have to wait for my next appointment. We do our 1st trimester screening and genetic counseling on June 18. This will include an ultrasound (which will be much better quality than the OB's u/s machine), so I'll get to see our little one again.

I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about a 3 week period with no ultrasound. Especially as this falls in the last part of my first trimester.... I feel like additional security is right around the corner if I can make it past week 12 or 13. Not that anything becomes guaranteed, but the odds get much better, and that's comforting to me.

But I hope I don't panic and stress, and I can make it through fairly easily. I can see my IVF clinic every day from the window in my office, it's right across the street about half a block from where I work. Will I be tempted to call them in another week or so and see if they'll take me for a quickie u/s to calm my fears? Would they even do that???

I got to thinking about 3 weeks some more.... and I realized that since a year and a half ago, I haven't gone 3 weeks without some sort of doctor's appointment. Whether it was fertility testing, bloodwork, monitoring, IUIs, IVFs, consults, or even the regular pap smears, mammograms and dentist xrays that I squeezed in between procedures during the "safe" weeks. Isn't that crazy??? 18 months, and never more than about a week and a half without seeing a doctor, nurse or lab technician.

Maybe I should really try to enjoy this 3 week medical holiday!!


  1. I hear you!! I have to wait 2.5 weeks for my 1st tri screening, which is on June 11th. It's so hard!!

  2. I'd feel like you do...maybe calling the clinic to see if they'd be willing to do an U/S for you. Or, could you talk with your doc and say you'd really feel much more comfortable if you could have an U/S in about half the time....maybe a week and a half? Most docs are sympathetic to those kinds of concerns. Just a thought.

    Hope all goes well with the WILL be exciting by the time it rolls around!

  3. Hi Stillhopeful - your blog has always given me hope! And that is why I have nominated you for the Sisterhood Award. I look forward to reading more about your exciting journey :-)