Friday, May 22, 2009

I've Graduated!

The ultrasound this morning was great! Our little bean is now measuring 19.49mm, almost an inch! And the heartbeat is up to 174bpm. Everything is measuring as it should, and the doc was happy. He pointed out an arm and a leg and the umbilical cord... it was pretty cool (although to be honest, I couldn't REALLY recognize what he was pointing out, but I took his word for it!).

So that's it. I'm done with the fertility clinic (assuming my numbers come in good for the blood work). And I hope to never have to go back there again!!! I liked them a lot (compared to the first clinic), but I can't say I'll have fond memories of the place. Especially since they didn't technically get me pregnant. Although I truly believe that all the stimulating of my ovaries the month before helped there to be more activity in my off month... I don't look back and think this would have happened even if I didn't go through all the treatments.

DH and I are in agreement that as long as everything continues to work out well and we have this baby, then we'll continue to try naturally (in a "relaxed" fashion!) for a second, but we don't need to put ourselves through all the stress of fertility treatments. We'd love to have two or three children, but can be EXTREMELY happy with only one. Especially at my age - I'll be 41.5 when I deliver. And conceiving at age 40 was no picnic for me, so I can only assume it will go downhill pretty quickly.

I realize that I am starting to believe in this. I didn't panic this week a few days before the ultrasound. I actually felt fairly confident that everything would be good, and it was! I did have a jolting thought this morning that it would be bad news, as payback for feeling so confident, but I was able to suppress that pretty quickly. I found that I was extremely exhausted for most of this week, more than just the usual tired. So I guess having that symptom kind of reassured me in a way that things were still developing. (Didn't help me get things done at work, but helped my sanity!).

It feels good to start to believe!


  1. Congratulations! I'm so glad the u/s looked great. It's such a relief, I'm sure. I don't blame you about not wanting to go back to the clinic again. Just keep looking forward!