Monday, May 11, 2009

A really nice day

Well, yesterday was as good of a Mother's Day as possible, short of having my own child already!

It was great having just a small gathering - Mom, stepdad, little brother, nephew. My nephew is almost 4 years old, and his mother tragically died during routine surgery a few months ago, at age 31. I don't know how my brother is doing it... she was the love of his life, his high school sweetheart. It's just so, so sad. He told me that having my nephew made him realize that he had something so important to do and that's what keeps him going. I admire him to no end.

And my nephew is adorable. He had never been to our house, and he had a blast. It was too cold for the pool, but he thought it was just the greatest thing and wants to come back in the summer. We have a "tree house" in the back, made by the previous owner, and he had the best time climbing around in that. After dinner, we made s'mores in the fireplace, and he thought that was very cool.

But mostly, he loved playing "rock band" (xbox) drums with DH. We all went down to the basement where hubby has his "man cave" - the big screen TV, lots of guitars, keyboards, bongos, etc., and the rock band drums, guitar, and microphone. We took turns playing the drums and all the instruments. It was a lot of fun!! I saw my husband showing him how to do things, and it was great to see him being "fatherly". My nephew is counting down the days when he can come back "in the summer" and stay with us.

After everyone left we talked about what a good time we had. It was so great to see my nephew and brother having such fun. And it also was fun to imagine raising our child in our home. We can't wait! Please let this pregnancy work for us!!!

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  1. What a great day you had! It sounds like so much fun. What a nice little cousin your baby will have, but how very sad and tragic that your nephew's mom died. That must have been such a shock. What with the tree house, swimming pool and making s'mores...the kids are going to have great fun at your house!