Thursday, May 7, 2009

The numbers - 6w

Just got the numbers back from this morning (I love that they automatically email me everything, including drug instructions and next appointment - so very convenient!).

E2 Level: 941
HCG Level: 31805
P4 Level: 19.1

The nurse said the numbers look good. I was a little concerned that the progesterone had dropped a tiny bit. But the nurse said that was fine, that it does fluctuate, and they are looking for it to be over 10. And I've seen online that first trimester should be 10-47. So I'm in the safe zone.

They told me to stop the Estrace pills, since they've now seen the heartbeat, and we scheduled my next visit for next Friday. Funny thing is, they're not testing my E2 or TSH next time, just the P4 and HCG. When my regular nurse gets back next week, I'll ask her why they aren't testing those. I would think they'd want to check the E2 since I'm stopping the Estrace pills, and I would like to see how the TSH is doing now that I'm on Synthroid. Curious. Maybe they're waiting until the last appointment?

Oh, and I have my due date! December 30th. Very cool.

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