Monday, May 11, 2009

Need to get my head back in the game

This TTC business is all consuming!

I realized that ever since I've gotten my BFP, I really haven't done a lot of work! Sure, I'm keeping up with my to-do's, reviewing the work of my team, meeting my client deadlines... But I'm just doing what I need to do to get by. And that doesn't cut it in my field! I need to be proactive, sell more work, network more, develop more. I can't afford to have a bad year, and especially with the boss I have, I'd better show signs of having an extra good year before I tell him I'm pregnant!!

But what have I been doing with my time? Writing blog posts, reading blog posts, googling statistics about heart rates, miscarriage, ordering various books, and yes, I admit it.... browsing around on Babies R Us. Ugghhh, I know it's way too soon, but I can't help it!

But here's the problem... I need to stop goofing off and get my head back in the work game. I don't have the option of quitting, or cutting back. My salary is what pays the bills and there's no way around it. Not to mention that we have a vacation home at the Jersey shore that we usually rent out in the winter to college students to help pay the mortgage. Usually it's rented by March for the following fall, and we still dont have it rented. Last summer, we even rented it for 2 months in the summer to help pay the IVF bills (you can get pretty decent $$ for the summer at the shore). This year, still not rented at all in the summer. The economy is hitting everyone, that's for sure.

So without the rental money we had last year, and without a pay raise this year (our company froze all pay raises), I need to work extra hard for a good bonus and to keep my job secure!!

I wish my company would put google on their restricted web site list!


  1. Here from L&F - congrats on your BFP!
    I found it hard to do work afterwards because it was so exciting too. I just worked to limit the amount of time I spent on the internet... Good luck!

  2. I know what you mean...I spend so many hours every day goog.ling information and statistics, making plans, paying attention to my meds, blogging, etc. I often look at the clock and can't believe what time it is. At this point, I actually feel fortunate that I was laid off last November. How I would juggle a job with all this is beyond me. Hang in there!

  3. I am so happy to be following your journey and to have you follow mine. It's good to have blog friends and support and encouragement. That's why I wanted to nominate you for a Sisterhood Award. Go take a look at my blog site. :)