Friday, May 22, 2009

A little worried


So, after my great u/s this morning, DH and I went out for breakfast (our little routine), and then I decided to work from home since we were closing early, and I've been so tired lately. After a little work and a few conference calls this morning, I decided to go out and get my nails done and do a little shopping (sadly, none of my summer clothes fit and we're heading to the shore house tomorrow).

I noticed I got the "numbers" email from the nurse, but couldn't view it on the blackberry as you have to log into a secure mailbox and I've been having problems my bberry on the internet. But I also had a voicemail from my nurse saying everything looks great, congrats, send pictures, etc. She said to have the OB monitor the TSH, and to continue with the Synthroid I'm on. So great, I'm feeling good.

But then I got home and checked the numbers.

E2 Level: 952
HCG Level: 97425
P4 Level: 15.6

My progesterone has dropped to 15.6. It been at 21, 19, 19 for the previous 3 weeks. Now I'm a little concerned. I'm not on any supplements, since this was a natural pregnancy, but I don't like seeing it drop like that. I'm afraid that could indicate a pending miscarriage. Everything I've read says that while it fluctuates, it usually continues to slowly rise throughout the first trimester until it reaches the minimum level for the 2nd trimester, around 20.

I emailed the nurse back, but I'm sure she's gone for the day. And with the holiday, I don't think I'll get an answer back until Tuesday. I know I should try not to worry, but I'm definitely not crazy about this decline...

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  1. Why is that the burning questions we want answers to arise on holiday weekends? I'm sorry that I don't know more about progesterone levels or the significance of the drop you've had. If you're really worried you could have them page the on-call person and ask - they could call an order for progesterone into your pharmacy if they felt it necessary. I hope everything is okay and that this is a perfectly ordinary fluctuation.