Friday, May 15, 2009

Less than 5%

Sounds like the kind of depressing news we all hear about our chances to conceive, right? I remember way back when, with my blocked fallopian tube AND diminished ovarian reserve, the RE told me I had a very small chance of conceiving naturally or with IUI. Single digit percent chance of success. They recommended IVF right away.

But this time "less than 5%" was music to my ears. That was what the doc said this morning was my chance of having a miscarriage! And at 40 years old, I started out with a 30% chance at the beginning of this pregnancy. So less than 5% sounds great right about now! (Although I did beat the odds by getting pregnant in the first place, of course the cynic in me always remembers that...).

It was a great appointment this morning. The heartbeat went up to 154, and the CRL (crown-to-rump length) went up to 11.23. Everything is exactly where is should be according to the real doc and google doc. He said he thinks everything is developing well and that it's a "solid pregnancy".

So I'm going to bask in the glory for a few days before I start getting myself all worked up before next Friday's scan!

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  1. Oh, what good news! I'm so glad everything looks solid. And I know all about those it's great that you're now in the 5% risk category. Worth a little sigh of relief. Bask away!