Monday, May 4, 2009

The next milestone

My faithful follower asked me "what's next" after my last post.

And of course, that's the funny thing. For "normal" women, what's next is to go to a few doc appointments, and start planning the nursery. For me, however, there are are many, many little steps before I even go to see my regular doc.

1) Take all the pills. I need to remember to take the Synthroid when I first wake up, along with an estrogen pill. Then I have to wait til lunch to take the prenatal vitamin (supposedly, the iron in the prenatal can lessen the effectiveness of the synthroid). Then take another estrogen at night. This step - piece of cake. I can remember to do this.

2) Ultrasound on Thursday. This is the big one. I'll be 6w, and they want to see the fetal pole and the heartbeat. I've been having the most bizarre, horrible dreams every night that nothing has developed and they'll tell me it's over. Last night, I dreamt that instead of a fetal pole, there was an old, junky, beat up car in my uterus that was emitting toxic fumes, and a bunch of deformed people got out of the car (into my uterus, I guess?? it got a little fuzzy after that). I can only imagine the interpretation of this dream. Clearly I'm nervous!

3) More ultrasounds and bloodwork. I think the clinic wants to keep me there until 8 weeks, doing weekly u/s and bloodwork. They want to test my TSH again to see if a dosage change is needed before turning me over to my OB

4) Convince OB to classify me as "high risk". I hope this won't be hard. I want the most careful monitoring by a high risk OB in concert with my regular OB. I don't fit the "standard" definition of high risk. I'm over 40, but I have no other indicator (such as carrying multiples, prior mc's or medical conditions) that would classify me as high risk. But I feel that since I've paid 25k out of pocket for treatments that insurance should have covered but didn't, now they owe me. They owe me the most careful and attentive medical care possible. They didn't help me get pregnant, so they should help me stay pregnant with more frequent monitoring, more testing, etc. So I will beg my OB for it.

5) STOP EATING JUNK FOOD! I'm trying, I really am. I have no problem avoiding fried food, deli meats, soft cheeses, etc. I'm even over my wine (and I REALLY liked my wine!). But I'm a sugar addict. And I would compensate by running 3 miles and lifting weights every morning. Now, I need to just stop stuffing my face with sugar. I'm getting better, but an apple after dinner DOES NOT replace a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough very well. Sigghh..

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  1. Hi there - I found your blog through "best when used by." I'm so happy to see you have a BFP! Good luck with your ultrasound :-)