Monday, June 1, 2009

A little of this and that

Just some random thoughts today...

1) First, I have been very delinquent. My two followers - Best When Used By and Sandra D have both nominated me for the sisterhood award. How awesome! I'm so glad people enjoy reading my blog and it's so nice when they tell you that. So thank you both! And I will be posting my nominees soon...

2) Need to acknowledge my DH... Just this weekend, I saw that he picked up a book about bonding with your baby. He told me that he knows it's early, but he wants to read as much as he can before the baby is born. And the other night, he came upstairs specifically to tell me that he wanted to make sure that sooner, rather than later, we discussed exactly what we'll do, and all the contingencies, when I'm going into labor (who to call, what to bring, what if I'm at work? etc.) so that he'll be sure to be prepared. He's so awesome!

3) IF (if, if, if, if...) everything continues to go well, we are planning on "announcing" our situation to extended family at our Father's Day bbq. We'll be 12.5w along at that point, and will have seen the heartbeat again at the 1st tri screening just a few days before. I think that's a pretty cool time to make this announcement!

4) I need to travel to Chicago for a 2 day trip, right before the 1st tri screening. I don't know why, but I really don't like the idea of flying while I'm pregnant. I did a one day trip to Boston not too long ago, and that was fine (except for the 3 hour delay getting home...). I'm going to need to talk to my doc and find out when I can reasonably tell my boss no more flying. First, though, I'll have to tell my boss that I'm pregnant, I guess! That won't be fun. We're in different offices, and never see each other, so I'm not worried about him spotting it, but once the first tri is over, I feel I'm obligated to tell to give the most notice possible.

5) My hunger is not as bad as it was at the beginning (uh-oh, is that a bad sign???), but my tiredness is still going strong. And still, not a drop of nausea. I think I'm very lucky in that area - my girlfriend who is 1.5 weeks ahead of me has been throwing up multiple times a day for the past 4-5 weeks. Poor thing!

6) Speaking of being tired... DH and I played golf at one of my favorite courses yesterday. I like this course because it's an "executive course", meaning par 60 instead of par 72, so even though there are 18 holes, they are shorter and easier. Well, it was the perfect day, not too hot, nice breeze, no one ahead of us slowing us down... and I was exhausted by the 15th hole, I couldn't even finish. Mind you, we were riding the cart, not walking the course! I'm really not used to being this tired all the time!!

7) 17 days and counting before I get an ultrasound. I'm really trying to be calm, but every blog or chat board I read seems to mention a miscarriage at 10+ weeks. I think I need to stop reading to keep sane. I am going to try my best to tough it out and not beg for a quickie before then, since there's NOTHING I CAN DO if there's a problem.

I think that about wraps it up for today!

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  1. Stop reading about m/c's at 10+ weeks! We don't want to know about that right now!!!

    I am so excited for you to announce - and on Father's Day!! We've already started letting the cat out of the bag which, of course, now worries me since I don't have another ultrasound for 9 days. Ugh!

    I know what you mean about the symptom thing. My lack of symptoms, while wonderful, worries me all the time....