Friday, June 5, 2009

White knuckling it

OK, it's been a week and 3 days since my last ultrasound. Still no symptoms except feeling very tired and bloated. I'm going a little stir crazy!

But I really am going to try not to break down and call the doc for an u/s before my next appointment on June 18. I want to try to be "normal". It's hard, though, to be so in the dark about what's going on. And it's easy to let my fears take over. I figure, though, it's really just the next week I need to get through. After that, my girlfriend is visiting us at our shore house next Friday to Sunday, then I leave for Chicago on business from Sunday to Tuesday. I'll be exhausted from travelling and trying to catch up back at the office on Wednesday, and then my appointment is Thursday (afternoon). So if I can make it one more week, I'll be in the home stretch!

Meanwhile, I think I actually have to visit the maternity store this weekend... I've always been fairly small chested (barely-B cup), and I wouldn't be surprised if I've jumped up a cup size. My cute little Victoria Secret bras are not cutting it anymore! Not to mention that at night, when I take off my bra to sleep, they are very sore. I think I might need a sleeping bra or something, plus a few that actually fit me during the day.

And even though I haven't gained any weight on the scale, I'm definitely bloated. And with the 17 pounds I gained from the year and a half of fertility drugs, I was pushing the seams on my clothes as it was. Now it's on the brink of unmanageable. So much for being able to squeeze into the extra room in my regular clothes for a while!

I'm debating if I should just go buy a few things in the next regular size, or take the plunge into maternity. Maternity at 10/11 weeks, though, that seems way too soon for a first child. It also feels a little like tempting fate... Plus, I'm wondering if it might be a pretty safe bet that I won't lose all my pregnancy weight in the 6 weeks before I'll need to return to work (ya think???), and be happy to have a few larger, non-maternity sizes in my closet.

It's good to have to think about these dilemmas!

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