Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One more day

Well, here we are. One day away from the first tri screening, and most importantly, the ultrasound!

I've been a wreck this past week. I've been busy with work for most of it, thankfully, but my fears have always been at the back of thoughts. I really have very minimal symptoms. No sickness or nausea AT ALL. Much less tired, no weight gain (altho plenty of bloating). Oh, and here's a sad (not REALLY sad, but sad for me) story...

My bras have been pretty tight, so I went to Victoria Secret this weekend. I've always been a 36 barely-B, and I have all of these big-time push up bras that make my almost nothing look like something. But I know I've grown, so I wanted to get fitted properly for a bra, with no padding and no under wire (not supposed to be good for milk duct development?). Now, first of all - I've never been measured before, so I felt a little funny about asking, but I've always pictured the "bra measurers" to be granny-like women. Well, all the employees in Victoria Secret are in their 20's. I actually felt embarrassed to ask!

I found the maturest looking employee and asked her to measure me. We go into the dressing room and she measures me over my clothes. I'm now a 38C!! Whoo hoo! I'm pretty excited! Now, the 36-to-38 growth is most likely because of the 17 fertility drug pounds I've gained (and the new back fat I've seemed to develop - lovely), but the B-to-C action - excellent! So I try one on, it fits (surprise surprise!), and I'm on my way, all excited that I'm now a C-cup while my belly is still pretty normal.

That was on Saturday... a few days later, I'm wearing one of my new bras, and I'm sitting back, and noticing that there's no way I'm filling up this thing!! My little boobies are swimming in this massive C-cup!! When I stood up straight, it was a little better, but I'm still feeling like it's wishful thinking. And I remember that she measured me with my clothes on. Including my big-time push up bra that adds a cup size. Hmmm.

So all this is making me think that I've really only gone from a barely-B to a B, and that I should just be buying 38B's to accommodate for the new back fat. One symptom I THOUGHT I had, crossed of the list. Darn!

And then today, a weird thing happened. I was sitting in my car, sneezed, and felt a real sharp pain in my abdomen. It lasted a little while, then faded. I can still feel something if I push on it. That's never happened before!

So anyway - you can see I'm literally driving myself crazy here! My appointment can't be soon enough - 1pm for the genetic screening, and 2:30 for the u/s. I feel like this is a huge milestone, and I will be sooo thankful if everything is OK.


  1. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping and praying everything is right on track. I would be going nuts over every little symptom - or lack thereof - too. But I think that's perfectly normal. Keep the'll be filling it up and probably spilling over the top soon enough!

  2. I am sending you the most wonderful thoughts for tomorrow!!!!