Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Made my day!

I think I mentioned that my last progesterone level from the clinic had dropped from 21 to 19 down to 15 as of my last clinic appointment. And I had gotten all worried and nervous about it. Even though I was reassured it was fine by two clinic nurses and my OB, I still didn't like that number.

So I asked the OB to include it in the bloodwork I had done last Wed. She agreed, although she warned me that it might come in lower and that I SHOULD NOT WORRY if it does. (Who me? worry???)

Well, I just heard back from my OB's nurse today (they are nowhere near as quick as the clinic, that's for sure!) and my new progesterone level is 27.8!

I like that number a lot!


  1. Sigh. What a relief! Don't they know that we JUST WANT TO KNOW OUR NUMBERS?!!!

  2. Congrats on a good number! It's always nice to hear good news :-) But I never understand why doctors and nurses always tell you not to worry when they know you will. At least your OB went that extra step!

  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog. Congratulations!!! What a story you have! Are you hoping for a 2009 tax deduction? How are you feeling?