Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

This was probably the best Father's Day we've ever had!

We ended up having 22 people over, and unfortunately, it rained. In order to accommodate my uncle who lives quite a distance away, and always hits a lot of traffic on the holidays, we had our BBQ on Saturday, when it rained all day, instead of Sunday, when it was high 70s and overcast - a perfect day for an outdoor BBQ. I was cranky all morning, not relishing the idea of entertaining 22 people INSIDE, when we have a gorgeous back yard with a large deck, patio area, pool, and more seating than ever needed.

But it all turned out fine, there was actually plenty of room and no one felt crowded. My niece and a few in-laws actually went in the pool even though it was drizzling, and the younger crowd had a blast down in DH's "man cave" playing xbox, Rock Band and all that stuff.

But the best part was telling the relatives that we were pregnant. Especially my grandparents. They had tears in their eyes when I showed them my ultrasound pics. Everyone was truly happy for me, and I knew there was no one that could be secretly going through infertility issues and feeling that pain that we all know when an announcement like this is made. All of my aunts/uncles have children and are in their 50/60's, and I am about 14 years older than all my siblings/nieces/nephews, and none of them are married.

My grandmother was funny - she said she had a big feeling there would be an announcement this weekend. How the heck did she know?? She said I was "cranky" when we got together for Hanukah (December) and Passover (March), and then when I sent the email invite for Father's Day in early June, and invited everyone (which I always do), my email sounded so happy, that she thought I was pregnant!?!?!? I tell you, Jewish grandmothers know everything!!!

It really was a fun day, and great to hear everyone's happiness and support for us. And I'm starting to feel more confident that everything will continue to go well (knock on wood!). My girlfriend and I are going maternity clothes shopping this Sat, while the DH's play golf, then meeting back for BBQ and pool time, and we're starting to look at nursery designs. It's really starting to feel real, like this will really lead to a baby for us!

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  1. It must have been such a joyous feeling to show everyone your U/S! I'm so happy for you. And it was very thoughtful that you considered whether anyone there could have secret IF issues - and fantastic that there were not. It was YOUR moment fully and I'm glad you could immerse yourself in it. How funny that your grandmother suspected!