Thursday, June 11, 2009

I broke down

Yes, it's true. I really tried to be strong, but I broke down and called my RE to see if they could see me for a quick ultrasound tomorrow just to make sure everything was fine. My RE's office is right across the street from my work, and they start their morning monitoring at 6am - soooo convenient!

Well, the nurse said that once they release a patient to the OB after 8 weeks, they don't see them after that. :( She asked if anything was physically wrong? No. She asked if my TSH was down? Yes, plus I told her my Prog was up again. She asked if they were doing the first trimester screening? Yes. She said she completely understands my nervousness, but all indications are good, and I should try not worry (although of course, unlike other nurses, she gets why I do!).

I thought abut calling my OB, but they don't have the early morning hours, and they're about 20 minutes from the office. Plus, I'm only working a half day tomorrow before heading down the shore, then going to Chicago from Sunday to Tuesday. So that only leaves Wednesday which is just one day before my appointment on Thursday. And that makes no sense.

I'm glad I tried, but in a way, I'm glad they couldn't accommodate me. I really want to just be "normal" with this pregnancy - the less drama the better. And special, unscheduled ultrasounds for no medical reason - definitely drama.

I'm kind of happy this option of going to the RE is off the table. I have my first tri screen next week at 12w, then the regular OB appt at 13w, and I think they do amnio at 15w or 16w. Then back to OB at 17w. So I do have a bunch of appointments coming up, I just need to get through this long stretch right now...


  1. I would have called the RE too. But I understand why you feel strangely relieved that they wouldn't see you. So just breathe, talk to the baby, try to enjoy this time. The time will pass before you know it. :)

  2. Good luck @ your NT scan!!!