Monday, July 6, 2009

Telling the boss

So, as I'm approaching 15w, I decided to tell my boss today that I'm pregnant.

I probably could have held off a little longer... I'm not really showing at all (thanks to being so sick, I lost about 4 pounds this past week!), and I work in a different office as him anyway. But I did want to give him as much notice as possible, and I didn't want him hearing from anyone else in my office who might suspect as I start to get bigger. Plus, I think telling him and the people I work with will be one step closer to making this seem more real...

I was a little nervous about telling him. He is definitely "old school", and a complete workaholic. He's also not into "HR stuff" or mentoring. Just results. Luckily we have a few things in common - we both have season tickets to the Jets, and both love wine. He's come to our tailgating parties and we've shared a few glasses of wine. So we have somewhat of a loose personal connection.

Anyway - he was outwardly very happy and enthusiastic for me when I told him. He didn't seem concerned at all about my leave time ("don't worry, we'll support you"), but I still reassured him that I am definitely coming back to work. It was a big relief to tell him and start to tell some of my staff and colleagues. The support and happiness for me has been really nice.

I'm still skeptical about my boss, though. I think he's happy for me as long as I continue to bring results and work through my maternity leave! Unfortunately, we have a lousy maternity policy - I'll get my 6 weeks disability (8 if c-section), and then I can take 3 weeks of vacation time and that's it. Unless I want to go unpaid, which I can't really afford. So I'm looking at 9 (or 11) weeks to be a full time mom, and then it's back to work and trying to juggle everything! Because my due date is Jan 1, I'm going to plan to take the last 2 weeks of December off so that if I go early, it won't leave me with unfinished business. Plus, we're always really slow around the holidays, anyway.

So, another milestone behind me!


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  1. Whew! It had to be difficult to tell him. Glad your co-workers are being happy and supportive. Don't let guilt about your job or any pressure from your boss interfere with your pregnancy or your time with your baby. You can never get this time back, and it will be some of the most precious months of your life. I think back to when I had my m/c's and how I immediately went back to work - trying to "keep up." Well, I regret not taking some personal time to really grieve. And now that job is gone. Those bosses don't mean squat to me now, although I busted my ass to impress them. I'm just saying...make the most of this miraculous time in your life.