Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Frustrating... but good!

So, after all that running around last week between my doctor and Labcorp to test for strep and swine flu, it turns out that I didn't have strep, and the doc didn't do the correct swab for swine flu!!!

I need a new doctor, I think she's gotten a tad bit incompetent over time!!

But I'm feeling 90% better, still no fever, and just a little stuffy nose. And there have been no more occurrences in my office, so I'm no longer worried about the swine flu.

Although I do have to say - one good thing came out of this.... I begged my OB nurse to give me a quickie ultrasound to check if everything was OK after feeling so sick and all the meds, and they agreed! And it's right after I have my blood test with them for the sequential screen (adds to the results of the 1st trimester screen). That is on Thursday, only two more days to wait! And after that, between my genetic ultrasound and regular monthly OB appointments, I'll be at the docs every two weeks getting reassurances that everything is OK.

I can handle that!

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  1. Great news that you're feeling better and the swine flu scare is over. And tomorrow you'll get another glimpse of the baby! Exciting!