Friday, July 10, 2009

It comes in threes...

I think I've mentioned that I have a very good friend who is pregnant about 1.5 weeks ahead of me? She struggled with loss over the last 2 years, having 2 miscarriages with no explanation, and then was having a hard time conceiving again (she's 39, but great FSH and no other explanation for difficulty conceiving). She was doing injectible IUI's while I was doing my second IVF. And right after I got my BFN, she got her BFP on her second IUI. I was truly thrilled for her, but of course felt envious and a little left behind. And then 2 weeks later I POAS and somehow get my miracle BFP with no medical intervention.

We've both been enjoying going through this journey together, and we both understand each other's cautiousness and fear that there could be an issue. We also got married within about 6 months of each other, used to work at the same firm (in fact, she reported to me), and now work about 2 blocks from each other. Our husbands get along real well, have played golf together many times, and we all have a lot of fun hanging out. We recently went maternity clothes shopping while the guys played golf, and next month, we're taking a mini-babymoon together at a golf resort / spa, and we're all really looking forward to it.

DH and I keep saying how lucky we are to have another couple to go through this with us. The husbands get to commiserate together, her and I get to trade information and tips, and it's really just been an added bonus to a great situation.

Well, last night I had dinner with another dear friend who also used to work for me at the same firm. We've become great friends over the years, our husbands also get along real well, and we also got married within a few months of each other. She had a miscarriage right after they got married, but then conceived shortly after and gave birth to her adorable son. We get together about once every other month for dinner, and occasionally invite the husbands along!

And I'm sure you can guess.... last night she told me she's pregnant again!! She is due about 3-4 weeks ahead of me, in the beginning of December! We were so excited at dinner, talking about all kinds of baby things, and it was really nice to hear her experiences and advice. I couldn't be more excited that now I have another good friend to go through this with!! We'll all be on maternity leave together, and even though it will be the dead of winter, I'm hoping to be able to spend some time with them and our babies before going back to work (we all live within about 20 minutes of each other).

It's really great to have such good friends in similar situations to experience this with!

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  1. I hope I am as lucky to find someone IRL to be pregnant with. It really sounds like so much fun! I know the baby-moon next month will be wonderful. :)