Tuesday, July 21, 2009

16w6d - Cruising along

We had our regular OB appointment today. All was good!

The doc actually said I looked much calmer, and you know - I do feel calmer. There wasn't any worry in me that there would be a problem finding the heartbeat this time. It's a nice feeling!

I always love hearing that heartbeat, though! It was in the mid to high 160's (same as it's been for a while) and we heard more little kicks. I still can't feel anything, though. If I remember correctly, in the last ultrasound my placenta was in the front, instead of in the back. There's nothing wrong with that (as long as it doesn't approach the cervix), but as a result, it will take longer before you can feel those kicks.

We discussed the first trimester screening results, and she agreed that with such low odds, there was no need for an amnio. In fact, not having it would be her choice, too. That was reassuring. So unless the genetic ultrasound turns up anything abnormal in two weeks, we're in the clear for the amnio!

I asked her when the next ultrasound would be after the big one in two weeks. And she said there really isn't another one, unless something happens and there's a reason for it. But she said - don't worry, we'll think of a reason and get you another one in a few months. Yippee! With my insurance, ultrasounds only cost 22.50 out of pocket, so you can bet I'll get another one!

She also told me to go ahead and sign up for the birthing and baby care classes for the end of October. Exciting! And told me I can actually use my hot tub if I keep it at 95 degrees or lower. I'm loving that! We bought a huge hot tub when we bought the new house a year and a half ago, and quickly discovered that while we were TTC, we couldn't use it (kills baby sperm), and if we got pg we couldn't use it (not good for baby). So we drained it, winterized it, and haven't opened it since. But now I think we might just open it up and get some use out of it. 95 is more like bath water, not good for using it in the winter, but I think that would feel nice on a hot summer evening!

Oh, and for those of you who are also preparing for a little one... I am reading Baby Bargains, and I love it!!! Fantastic advice about what to buy, safety, and ratings for all the baby gear, furniture, bedding, etc. I would definitely recommend it. I've already saved money realizing what I don't need to buy. And DH loves it, too. If he tells me I don't need something, I laugh, but if the book tells me, I listen!


  1. I'm always so happy when I read that your pregnancy is progressing so well. It's so good to hear good news! I can't believe that soon you will be half way through your pregnancy! Don't you love a doc who will order a test (or an U/S) just because doing it will make you feel better? Nice of her. Well, hopefully I will have use for the book you are reading in few more months. I'll keep it in mind!

  2. Have your Ultrasounds been 3D? There are places that do 3D US commercially ... for no medical purpose. Just Yahoo! 3D Utrasound + your location to see what is available in your area. They will give you lots of images and they usually give you a video on DVD ... live action ... as well.

    The images can be interesting:


    Glad all is well.


  3. Hi...you have a great story...I love that you did it the old-fashioned way and that things are progressing so nicely. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I will keep the offer in mind as soon as I found out what my next protocol (and clinic!) will be. The out of pocket thing bites...big time! I had no idea we would be spending this much when this "project" started, and that we would be willing to keep doing so!