Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's official!

We are having our baby on Tuesday!

It's scheduled for 8am, which means we have to be at the hospital at 6am. Leave the house at 5:30. Wake up at 4:30. That's early! But I'm glad... we're probably the first, or one of the first procedures that doc will perform that day, and I know I always do my best work in the morning. Hopefully he does, too! The nurse also said this timing is good, she said we'll be in and out, no delays are likely, and we'll be able to order a nice breakfast. Sounds good to me. Although I'm sure I won't be thinking about food when I've just met my little one! But I do like the idea of having as much time in the hospital as possible, with the support of the nurses and lactation consultants as we figure everything out.

I go in on Monday morning to get pre-admin bloodwork / testing done, and they'll have all my instructions. I also happened to have an OB appointment scheduled with my regular doctor, and the time fits in well, so I'm going to see her, too (even though it's not necessary). I hope she's not offended that I'm having the other doc do the procedure! I don't think she will be. But it will give me a chance to ask a bunch of final questions I have.

My head is spinning now with the idea that we're having our baby in a few days! Of course, I'm running around organizing and cleaning everything, and feeling good about what I'm getting done. (And yes, the playroom was finished last night, so DH and I will be re-decorating it this afternoon!). I do kind of regret that we'll be missing that "oh my gosh - it's time!" moment when my water breaks or I go into labor, but DH and I discussed that, and first and foremost we want as smooth a delivery as possible without ending up with an emergency C. I'm definitely second-guessing myself with this decision, but I feel in my gut that I'm doing the right thing.

We're only telling our parents and siblings about this - everyone else we will call / txt / email as planned after the birth

I also love the idea of bringing baby home on xmas day! I went to BRU yesterday and bought an adorable santa outfit for the baby. So much for my other cute bring-home-baby outfits! But I can't ignore that it's xmas, right??? I can use the other outfit (the gender appropriate one!) after xmas.

Meanwhile, my good friend just had her baby on Thursday. She had a baby girl, and everything is going well. My other good friend had a boy at the beginning of Dec. So whatever our baby is, s/he will have playmates of both sexes from two of my good friends. Very cool.

I can't believe we're where we are right now. Quite amazing.


  1. I don't think you'll be "waking up" early on Tuesday morning...I bet you never fall asleep! You'll be too excited! How perfect to go early in the morning (I laughed about your breakfast comment). And yes, how special to be able to bring your baby home on Christmas day. And - um- I know you'll have your hands full and all, but try to let us know as soon as you can that you and the baby are both well and safe and whether you had a boy or girl!!! Good luck!!

  2. So happy and excited for you! I am sure everything is going to go GREAT and your little one is going to be gorgeous and as healthy as can be!!!
    When I had my son, I had the 7:30 slot. Got up at 4, (after going to bed at 2), left the house at 5 and arrived at 5:30. I thought I would just crash after the section--nope, way too excited and hyped up on "new baby juice"!!!
    Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you, and will be tomorrow morning.
    You guys and of course your little one will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    (please update when you can--dying to find out pink or blue!!!)

  3. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am thinking of you guys this morning!!!
    Can't wait to hear the GREAT news!!!
    It is now 9:40 am and I am sure it's official---you are a MOMMY now!

  4. Today is TUESDAY! I was thinking of you today, knowing that you were having your c-section today, hoping all went well and that now, as I type thisTuesday evening, you are resting comfortably with your sweet baby______. Well, you know what to fill the blank with now! And I can't wait to hear - boy or girl!