Friday, December 18, 2009


Well, I lot has happened since my last day of work, let's see....

My DH's bday was last Thursday, and I was making a nice dinner for him. Get a phone call - he was in a car accident! Luckily, just a minor fender-bender he was absolutely FINE, and also lucky he was still in his work van, not our car. Turned out a permit driver didn't stop at a stop sign. Quite a lousy bday for him, though, as it took about 2 hours for the cops, reports, etc., and we ended up eating reheated dinner at 10pm. He did love what I made, though! (just a simple meatloaf and potatoes, but I don't cook, so this was a big deal for me).

Well, the next day, he had to pull out the bumper of the van a little so he could drive it without rubbing against the tires, and he threw his back out! Now, I really am a wife with a lot of sympathy. Usually. But all I could think of is - BUT THE PLAYROOM ISN'T DONE AND BABY IS 2 WEEKS AWAY! I am neurotic about getting everything done in time, and at this point, the electric still needed to be finished, walls patched, carpets cleaned, and everything moved back in and re-decorated. It was supposed to get done last weekend, but of course now that wouldn't happen. Luckily for him (and my sanity), with a few days of rest and heating pads, he was back to normal. I should have my playroom back by tomorrow and then I'll be able to unpack all the other purchases I've made and move them in. (And I did remember to pamper him occasionally during his recovery, rather than moaning about how my honey-do list wasn't getting done!!)

My first week off I have been running around like crazy. I thought I would be the lady of leisure, but not a chance. My to-do list is a mile long, and it feels great to have the time to do it. (I'm still on the blackberry a lot, but it's not the same as being in the office.) Luckily I'm still feeling great, and I have a lot of energy most days so I'm knocking a lot off the list.

I'm also cooking dinner every night! Again - a big deal for me. It's been fun! I think the nesting has kicked in big time. A huge help, though, is finding these recipes where they give you one shopping list for 5 days of meals. You can check off what you already have in the house, then buy the rest (and I order my groceries online for delivery, so that's a piece of cake). Then each night you cook the meal, and sometimes they have you cook extra of certain parts that you then save for the next meal as one of the ingredients. Very efficient and convenient, and EASY. Day 3 into the 5-day plan and we've liked the meals a lot. I have about 12 of these 5-day plans, and look forward to trying them out during maternity leave.

But now the BIG news!! I'm 90% sure I'm having our baby on Dec 22! This TUESDAY!

At my last OB appt on Wed, I met a new doc in the practice, who I liked a lot. He had a wry sense of humor and I appreciated it. So rather than wait to talk to my main doc on Monday, I brought up the idea of elective C-section with him. He wanted to know why I wanted it. Basically, I don't REALLY want a C, but I want the following:
  • A 2009 baby (several financial reasons - tax deduction, medical deductible, FSA - likely several thousands in total)
  • The baby to not be too big (he said s/he was likely in the high 7 lb range, and I had 2 weeks to go
  • Me not to be too big (I was up 3 lbs at that visit, now 23 lbs in total, and the goal is 15-25 lbs)
  • Not having labor and THEN an emergency C. That is my worst nightmare. And 1 out of 3 women end up with a C. Not great odds.
  • Extra maternity time. Two extra weeks of disability, and 2-3 extra days in the hospital (my hospital is pretty cushy with private rooms/bathrooms, TV/DVD players, a nice menu you can order from any time, lactation consultants, etc.)
  • The easiest delivery for my baby. I think the maternal instinct is kicking in here. I'm willing to have the extra pain and recovery in order to give my baby less stress in delivery.

I think I'm paranoid - we were so lucky to get pg naturally and have a wonderful pg... I'm so scared that something will go wrong during labor. Some freak accident, or extra stress on the baby. Or that all of a sudden, the baby will stop moving inside of me. I feel like, hey - everything is good now, the baby is moving, the baby is full term and big enough, I'm feeling good, let's not give anything a chance to go wrong. Control-freak much?

So, anyway, the doc said he'd be fine with a scheduled C, go ahead and call the nurse to set it up. So I was thinking maybe the week after xmas, but the nurse said that the doc was scheduled in the hospital on Dec 22nd. Wow! That's less than a week away! I wanted to talk it over with DH, so we did and said - heck yeah, let's do it! We have nothing planned this weekend except getting things ready, and he knows I'll be a crazy lunatic about it, but he can deal. The extra nice thing is that means we'll be bringing home baby on xmas day. What could be a better gift than that????

So I'm just waiting for the nurse to call back and confirm the time and details, and then it will be official. Wow!


  1. Oh My God!!! I can't believe are having that little one in 4 days!!! That is amazing.
    Did you doc give you any instructions to take that stuff that clears out your system the day before the surgery?? I didn't have that when I had my daughter (emergency c), but did with my son and what a difference it made!! I would highly recommend asking your doc about it. You don't have the "gas" pain suffering after the c-section!
    I have NO doubt that you will get ALL of the preparations done in time for this little one. I wish some of your organizational skills and tactics could rub off on me!
    I hope you will keep us updated and informed! So excited for you and your husband. What an amazing Christmas gift!!!!

  2. Oh, also wanted to give my prediction on your little one.....I just think pink!! I don't know why, but I just do!

  3. Wow! It must be thrilling yet strange to KNOW when your baby will be here! Hoping it goes beautifully for you. I have to say, I laughed when I read that you were thinking about the unfinished play room after your DH hurt his back. I giggled because I thought, don't be too worried because, after all, the baby won't be able to even USE the play room for many months yet. But hey, you're a mom. :) Anyway, I'm glad your DH was fine and not hurt in the accident. Now sit down and enjoy a moment of rest, will ya, you've got a baby coming!