Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Still worrying

I turn 19w tomorrow, and no complications so far, but I still have a bunch of worries....

1) First, I'm worried about my genetic ultrasound on Thursday. I'm worried the baby will not be alive. The last ultrasound I had was around 12w, and even though the docs have heard the heartbeat on the doppler, that doesn't feel as real to me. Plus, I'm not feeling any movement, yet, and starting at 16w, they say it's possible to feel the flutters of movement (although not unusual to not feel anything until 22w). I was good with being confident for the past few weeks, but now my anxiety level is definitely up. Thursday can't come soon enough!

2) Second, I'm worried about the flu shot. I've never had a flu shot before, but they highly recommend it for pg women. Getting a high fever when pg is bad for the fetus, plus it is supposed to pass along some protection to the baby who can't get a flu shot before 6 months. So they recommend it UNLESS, you've had a bad reaction to it in the past. Well, I've never had one, so I don't know if I would have a bad reaction. My mom and dad get the shot and have never had a reaction, so I'm guessing I'll be OK, but I'm worried. I like absolutes, not guessing. Plus, there's a preservative in it (thimerisol?) that's high in mercury and has possible links to autism (although never proven). There are versions of the shot without the preservative, but they are much harder to find. I'll have to talk this all over with my OB.

3) Third, I'm worried about the Swine vaccination. That's due out in Oct, and they are predicting a resurgence of new cases in the fall once kids go back to school. Pregnant women, parents of young children and care givers will be top of the list to get the vaccination. However, they are fast tracking the approval process to get it ready ASAP, which, from what I've read, means they do less safety testing than they normally would in a non-fast track cycle. Certainly, there won't be time for studies on the effects on the fetus for pg women. We would just be the guinea pigs! There was a problem in the 70's with a vaccination (for the avian flu I think?), with many bad batches of the vaccination that had to be destroyed. And I'm not sure if, similar to the flu shot, getting vaccinated while pg gives the baby any protection. Because then there's always the daycare issue - will an unprotected baby be safe in daycare before they can be vaccinated? More questions for my OB.

So, am I a raving lunatic here, and just worrying way too much? Or are these real issues I need to consider?


  1. All valid fears. I'll be thinking about you on Thursday and hoping that perhaps you just have a delicate little ballerina in there rather than a linebacker, which is why you haven't felt any kicks.

    As for the flu shots, I've been having the very same thoughts and fears. I have had regular flu shots before, but I was not aware of the mercury issue. I've seen the news reports about the swine flu and high risk to pregnant women. I too thought, gee, they're rushing to formulate a vaccine and how safe can THAT be? We don't want to get the flu, but we don't want to risk disaster from vaccines either. My DH even said (only half jokingly): "We're just going to have to quarantine you till the baby is born." I don't know what to do about this either. I said I might just buy some masks to wear in public. It is a really scary issue.

  2. Like Best said, I think your fears and worries are completely normal and rational. I hadn't thought ANY of them through, because I am not there yet--but, God willing will be be soon. I would LOVE to hear what your OB says about these concerns.