Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OB appt and updates

Had another good OB appointment today. At 20w6d I'm up 3.5 pounds, and they took a new measurement - the fundal height. That's from my pubic bone to the top of my uterus, and it was about 20cm. She said that's right where it should be (approximately 1 cm for each week). The heartbeat was in the mid-150's, and she commented that the baby was very active! She even felt some kicks while using the doppler.

Speaking of active, I'm feeling the kicks every day. My DH even got to feel it one night! He felt about 2-3 kicks. That was very cool!

We also talked about the flu shot situation. She said I should definitely get the regular shot (thimerisol free) and the swine vaccine. She believes that the vaccine will all be thimerisol free. Unfortunately, in NJ, OB offices cannot get insurance reimbursement if they give the shot. Which is completely backwards, as pregnant women are at the top of the list to get it. But it has to be administered by a regular doc. Great - another doc appointment I need to schedule! And after the last fiasco with my regular doc, I'm not going back to her so I'll need to find a new one. Ughh.

I had also spoken to my cousin's husband this past weekend. He's a consultant to pharmaceutical companies. He definitely thinks I shouldn't be worried about the swine vaccination. He explained to me that it's really just another strain of the flu, it's not like they are developing a completely new vaccination, it's just a variation on the regular flu shot. He said that every year, the regular flu strain changes, so every year's flu shot has been modified from the year before. So the swine vaccination is not much different then the current flu shot in terms of testing, safety, etc. That made me feel better.

In other related news:
  • We've picked our daycare! After seeing all three in the area, we both felt strongly about one of them, so I'm going to register this week.
  • I'm done registering - except for the layette, I haven't figured out exactly what clothes, etc. I'll need, so I'll do that soon.
  • My shower is scheduled for Oct 10. My mom picked out this beautiful restaurant with a private room, two fireplaces... sounds wonderful. I can't wait!
  • Our baby furniture has come in! We got the call from the delivery company 2 days after it was ordered! Yikes! We're having it held until Oct so we'll have time to clear out the room, paint, shampoo the carpet, and put in closet organizers.
  • I'm starting the serious search for a postpartum doula to help out in the weeks after we come home
  • We signed up for 3 classes at the hospital - birthing, baby care and breast feeding
  • Mini babymoon this weekend! Golf, spa, pool, nice dinners with good friends - can't wait!

And that's about it. Everything continues to go really well!

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  1. So glad you had a really good OB appointment and that your DH got to feel the baby kick! He must have been thrilled. You are amazing to have only gained 3.5 pounds.

    Thank you so much for the flu shot info. It's so reassuring. I have been thinking about that issue almost every day.

    Finally, you are the organization and get-it-done Queen! Daycare, registering, furniture, classes....I'm tired just reading about how much effort you've expended! It must feel really good though to have everything in place. I'm so impressed. Have a wonderful, fun, relaxing babymoon!