Thursday, August 13, 2009

The second half

Today, I am 20w1d... officially in the second half of my pregnancy!!

I'm feeling great - still no major symptoms at all. Well, except the growing belly! I think it's so interesting how pregnancy affects people so differently.

I've had NO:
  • sickness
  • nausea
  • food or smell aversions
  • cravings
  • ravenous hunger
  • mood swings
  • change in nipples
  • veins
  • change in sex drive - I've read that women typically are not into it the first tri, and then very into it the second... I've just been more hesitant overall due to my worrying about the fragility of the pregnancy, but no real change in libido. Too bad for my DH - no big surge in sex drive for him! :(
  • change in hair or nail growth - I was hoping for much quicker growth, but I've been taking the prenatal vitamins for 2 years now

So, what HAVE I been feeling?

  • Tiredness - very tired in the first trimester, but much more energetic now (but if I try to take advantage of that and end up with less than 6 hours of sleep, I become exhausted)
  • Popping joints - more amusing than anything
  • Constipation - not pleasant for sure, but reasonably under control with Colace
  • Slight increase in boob size - about 1 cup size
  • Strange minor aches and pains - the doc said it's my muscles and ligaments stretching
  • Lots of peeing!
  • A "glow" - I don't see it, but that's what people say. I'll take it! I think it's just that I'm so happy!

I have to say, a great pregnancy experience so far, I hope the second half is just as good!


  1. So awesome that you have been able to miss some of the more uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy at bay!!!!
    I do think you have the "glow".
    Ask your Doc about going on PreNate Elite DHA, has a "softner" in it and it works wonders!!!
    Love the idea that you are starting to feel the LO move. It only gets better from here!!!

  2. So nice that you avoided most of the worst pregnancy side effects. And I bet you're glowing too! Exciting to be in the second half!!! I guess there will be more noticeable changes happening now. :)