Sunday, January 3, 2010

All about Aysia

Where to begin?!?!

Aysia turns 2 weeks today, and it's been amazing so far! I've been meaning to write, but my days seem to disappear in a cycle of diapers, feeding, sleeping, laundry... But I love every minute of it! Some things about Aysia....

  • She was born with a full head of black, silky hair. So beautiful. I have dark curly hair, but I think this is a trait from DH. His hair (before he started shaving bald) is jet black, and I think the straightness comes from his part-Asian background.
  • She took to breastfeeding right away - no problem with latching on. How cool!
  • She's a "rester" - she falls asleep while feeding and constantly has to be woken up and prodded to keep going.
  • She lost a lot of weight the first day - over 10% (14 oz). This was pretty scary, and also a little emotional for me. I want to breastfeed exclusively, but she wasn't getting enough. I couldn't help feeling inadequate and disappointed that the doc wanted me to start supplementing formula with each feeding. I didn't want to on the one hand (less milk production, risk of nipple confusion), but on the other, I didn't want her to keep losing weight. So we started supplementing 0.5 oz of formula with each feeding, giving DH a chance to get involved in the feedings. It was emotional for me. After a week and a half, she had only gained one oz back. But at least she was gaining. We've had to go to the doc 4 times since leaving the hospital to weigh her, and yesterday she finally had significant gain - 5.5 oz in 5 days. Yay! So now we are only supplementing at night. The doc said I just might not make enough milk, some women don't. I've tried pumping after each feeding to fully drain each breast, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I have milk, but I guess not enough for what she needs. I'm getting to be OK with this - it is what it is, plus the formula helps her to sleep a little more at night!
  • She smiles in her sleep - so cute! It's like little laughs, and when we giggle in response, she smiles even more
  • She picks up her head when having "tummy time", and she likes to interact with us
  • She likes to hear me sing (love that she has no idea what a bad singer I am!!)
  • She loves to be swaddled, and "shushed" (Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block techniques work like a charm for her)
  • She's a great sleeper - we usually get two sets of 3-4 hours of sleep at night, and then 1-2 hour naps many times during the day. Very reasonable and easy on her parents!!!
  • She loves her hair and jawline stroked by mommy, and her fingers munched by daddy
  • She doesn't mind diaper changes or clothing changes - very mild mannered
  • She has beautiful, smooth, soft skin. Hasn't been affected by baby acne yet
  • She likes to be rocked. Thankfully we bought 2 gliders, one for each floor. And DH thought that would be a waste - silly man!!
  • She has way too many clothes - typical girl!! But I'm glad we didn't find out her gender until she was born, so it's not all a "pink explosion". She has a good variety of colors.
  • She sleeps in the car seat and stroller (the one time the weather was above 40 degrees and not terribly windy so we could take her for a walk! Please, weather, cooperate with me - I want to do many more walks!!)

All in all, this has been a wonderful experience so far. Much better than I imagined, because I am lucky enough to have a very good baby. The sleeping time and minimal crying has made it easier for me to recover and in turn, appreciate her more.

Next, I'll post more about some of the things I've been going through physically and emotionally...

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  1. I'm so happy for you and your new family! Aysia is a little angel! I loved reading all the details and I hope you won't be hard on yourself about the milk/formula thing. She'll still benefit from your milk, however much you are able to make. She sounds like such a good girl and I'm glad you are enjoying this time and getting some rest. I'll look forward to your next posts (since I expect to be there pretty soon!).