Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun with Aysia

The past week has been quite eventful, as I've decided that I'm not staying in the house all day anymore! Although I am definitely self-conscious about bringing her out if she cries and fusses and annoys other people, but I've decided I'm not going to let that stop me. And I think when I feel more confident, and less worried, she actually behaves better, too.

So what have we done together this past week....
  • Shopping trip to BRU to get more "necessities"
  • Quick errands at various stores
  • "Play date" over at my friend's house who has a baby girl 5 days older than Aysia
  • Mommy and baby support group at the hospital
  • More doctor's appts (Aysia has gained weight again, and is up to 8.3 now. Doc is no longer concerned, no more weight checks, yay!)
  • Waxing and pedicure. For me, not Aysia! :)
  • Blood test at Labcorp. For Aysia, not me!! :( This was horrible. They had to try both arms before they could get a vein. But the doc needed to check on her jaundice which was still higher than he wanted. It was "breastmilk" jaundice, the good kind, no worries
  • Doc appt for me - I now have mastitis - a breast infection. Very painful, and you have to keep nursing through it. Yikes! On a course of antibiotics that will hopefully help.
  • Many visitors to the house to meet my little girl
She was very good through all this activity. Only fussed a lot at the mommy baby group, and I was able to calm her down by swaddling her (love the swaddle!!). Today it's supposed to be in the high 40's, so I think we're just going to hang at home today and take a walk! I'm hoping to get the time to finally send the birth announcements out.

Meanwhile... here's a picture of our beautiful little girl. This is the day we took her home from the hospital (Christmas day):


  1. First, she is such a gorgeous baby! And I see the darling little dimple in her right cheek! She is just adorable (and smiling for the camera to boot!). You and your DH did good!

    Second, ouchie, sorry about the mastitis. I've heard it's terribly painful and I hope it resolves soon.

    Finally, your outings sound great! I think it's wonderful that you have a friend with a newborn too. Fun!

  2. Gorgeous little girl!!! Who wouldn't be so taken with her!!!

    I too have heard that mastitis is very painful. I hope it clears up soon and the pain goes away even faster.

    My son being born at the end of November made me crazy as well. Cabin fever with a newborn is NO fun!! Glad to see that you have been able to get out and about.

    It sounds like things are moving right along and her weight is going up and her jaundice is going away!! (I am sure the blood work was horrible for you--and her)

    If she is happy with the swaddle me --- try the "miracle blanket". I have heard amazing, wonderful things about this. That is going to be one of my new purchases for this little one!!!!

  3. Oh, she is adorable!!!!!

    We've been trying to get out, too. Alana has made two trips to the mall and been out to lunch twice! It definitely feels good to get out!

  4. When my daughter was born my mom told me that traditionally women from many cultures stay at home with the baby and don't go out for the first 40 days. It felt like she was sentencing me to six weeks of doom! Of course, we ended up taking small trips out and about anyway, and honestly I would have gone berserk if we hadn't!

    Have fun venturing into the world with her - she's a cutie-pie!