Friday, September 11, 2009

Life is good! 24w2d

I have to say, things are continuing to going really well for me! (knock on wood)

They are absolutely right when they say that the second trimester is the best. Now for me, I didn't have any sickness in the first, so that was pretty good, too, but I was tired. Lately, I really haven't been tired at all, back to my usual self. I have no significant aches or pains, yet, and I'm not so big that it's hard to bend down or move around. It's a really good stage of pregnancy!

And I love that the bump is obvious now. No mistaking for weight gain, it's definitely a pregnancy. Over the past month or two, people are congratulating me when they see me, there's no wondering if they shouldn't say anything. And I continue to feel the kicks every day, as does DH. That part is so much fun!

I've also noticed that my skin is looking and feeling really good! I've even gotten comments from friends and family about this. No more little breakouts or bumps anywhere, which I had before pregnancy. Maybe it's because I rub moisturizer on every single day when I'm done showering (I was not so consistent before!), but I think the hormones have something to do with it, too.

My only complaint is that I am very sore after I exercise. Sometimes, it's hard to walk! It's all in my hips - the doctor says it's just the ligaments stretching and the muscles are very sensitive. I guess my hips are going through a lot of changes now! But I love to exercise, so I won't give that up. I've already given up running and heavy weightlifting, and I've never heard of walking being harmful, in fact, everyone says it's especially good for you while pregnant, and helps recovery after a c-section go smoother (if I need one).

Oh, I'm having a blast watching things get purchased from my registry (shower is now a month away), and I even went ahead and ordered all my bedding and matching accessories. I had put them on my registry, but then they became discontinued. Yikes! I freaked out for a minute, since all my decorating was coordinated with the bedding style, but then I found it somewhere else online for 20% less! So I just snatched it up, along with even more accessories (why waste that 20% savings!!), and it's on its way to me now. Everything else that hasn't been purchased yet are things that I'm OK with switching the model or style if it becomes discontinued.

Meanwhile, I've pre-registered at the hospital, made an appt for a regular physical so I can get the swine flu vaccination and signed up for the regular flu shot at work. We're gearing up for the all the inside renovation, organizing and decorating that we have planned, and picking out things like paint colors, furniture for the playroom, lighting, etc. My lists are ridiculous! Basically, things are rolling along really well. It seems like time is flying in some ways, as well as standing still in other ways.

My next OB appointment is on Tuesday. I can't believe it's been a full month since my last one, with no screenings or other appointments, and I've been 100% calm. It's definitely the kicking - feeling my baby every day is the best reassurance! After this OB appointment, I have my 3d/4d ultrasound, my doctor's ultrasound to check on the fibroid, and then the OB appointments go from monthly to bi-weekly.

So that's about it - no major updates, just continued happiness!


Sep 11 - always a day of sadness and reflection. I was in NY 8 years ago, right across the street in the World Financial Center, and saw horrible things that will always stay with me. My heart goes out to all those affected directly and indirectly by the events of that tragic day.


  1. Your joy is infectious. It's wonderful to hear how nice the second tri is...the obvious baby bump...and the nesting! Collecting all the special things to make your baby's world comfortable, fun and very loved. And feeling and looking good to boot is the icing on the cake!

    It is a day of remembrance for 9/11. I went to ground zero in 2002 and could not believe the size of the hole. An entire city block, just gone. I can't imagine the horror of the day.

  2. Sounds like things are great for you!!! I'm so happy to hear that!! I'm at 26w3d and, honestly, I don't look really pregnant. I wear mostly maternity shirts because I want to look it, but, mine could easily just pass for fat, so, I'm so envious of your bump!! Also, that your husband is feeling the kicks - mine doesn't yet.