Tuesday, September 22, 2009

26w tomorrow!

Time seems to be flying, but also standing still.

I'm amazed that I'll hit 26 weeks tomorrow, only 14 more to go. Right around the corner from the third trimester. My ticker showed 100 days to go yesterday - that seems pretty wild! It seems like my to-do list is growing and growing, and I'm not crossing things off as quickly as I'd like. Will I get everything done???

But on the other hand, I can't wait to have our little baby in my arms, and it seems like it's taking FOREVER! I'm enjoying every moment, and really keeping a positive attitude, but there is a tiny part of me that still thinks what if.... There are still many things that can go wrong. I'm doing a pretty good job not dwelling on any of it, but I think I will only feel true relief when I hear my baby cry for the first time and we're told everything is "normal".

Meanwhile - some of the things going on....
  • Still haven't found a place to get the flu shot. I don't want to wait until my regular doc appt at the end of Oct, so my OB said to go to Walgreens. (OB will have the swine shot when that comes in). They do it from 10-4, so maybe one day this week during lunch...
  • I picked the cord bank we'll use, but need to sign up
  • I'm narrowing in on a photographer to do maternity and newborn photos in our home. Need to nail that down.
  • I created a Maternity Leave Plan for work - mapping out my time off, and activities I'll do before, during and after to make the leave as smooth as possible. I run a regional division and will not really be able to completely disconnect from work while I'm gone (even though legally, you're not supposed to work on disability). So I'm trying to set boundaries. Sent it to 3 bosses, yesterday, have heard nothing back... :(
  • DH and I (mostly him) is making great progress on the house. The gym has been mostly moved downstairs, freeing up the playroom. I'm amazed at how hard he's working and how much he's getting accomplished!
  • After all kinds of issues with my bedding (going out of stock, ordering somewhere else, that went out of stock, ordered somewhere else...), I ended up finding a pattern I loved even more! So I ordered it, plus all the accessories, then found out the third place was sending the original pattern!!! Oh well. I think I will use the accessories from the original pattern in the playroom, and try to sell the extra things I don't need on ebay!
  • I've hit the 10 pound mark - up 10 pounds total with the pregnancy (ok), 27 pounds since infertility treatments started (ugghh)
  • Still working out about 3-4 times per week, and generally feeling good, although I notice I am getting more tired
  • Took my 1-hour glucose challenge test this morning. Very anxious for the results.
  • REALLY looking forward to the 3d/4d ultrasound next week! Our moms will come along - so much fun...

And that's about it for now!


  1. I just saw your comment on my blog, so I came to check yours out : ) OMG a surpirse BFP after 3 FAILED IVF's?!! Thats AMAZING!!! Congrats! I love hearing stories like that! What a miracle!

    Do you know what you are having?

  2. Wow...26 weeks! Although I'm far behind you, I know what you mean about enjoying the experience yet excited to finally hold the baby safely in my arms. You continue to be my hero in the department of organization and getting things done! I love the lists! I know the new grandmas are going to love seeing the 3D/4D U/S.

    And thank you so much for all the maternity clothing recommendations! I'm definitely looking forward to doing more shopping.

  3. You are moving right along. Your LO will be here before you know it. She/He will be healthy, strong and gorgeous!! I can understand the worry. I think all moms go through it, but the ones that have "worked" so hard, I think tend to worry more.
    Your to-do list makes me tired, it's no wonder you are feeling a little more tired.
    3D/4D U/S is going to be awesome. I hope you share a pic with us.
    How are you guys doing on names?? Anything narrowed down yet?
    Your ticker says you are down to 96 days now. WOW!! double digit count down.