Monday, November 23, 2009

Birthing class and other weekend fun

We had our birthing class this weekend, and we both really enjoyed it. It was a combo - what to expect during the birth process, what could go wrong, Lamaze, hospital info, hospital tour, birthing video class. Really a catch-all of valuable information. Most of which I had read about, but it was good to hear about this hospital's policies.

I was really impressed with the labor and deliver rooms and the recovery rooms. Both are private, with your own bathrooms, and very nicely decorated to look as little like a hospital room as possible (but with all the potential emergency equipment hidden behind doors and integrated in the design). Very well done.

The other thing that surprised me was the birthing video. I've heard that watching the birth video at these classes can be a little scary, but I have to say - it didn't freak me out at all. Sure, that's a big head coming out of a small hole, but I don't know... it really didn't seem too bad. Maybe that's because I know I'll be getting the epidural as the first order of business after checking in! Or maybe because of all that we've been through with procedures, wands, tests, etc., so "that area" has been exposed to a lot of "stuff" already. But it wasn't difficult to watch at all, in fact, I felt a tear coming to my eye just thinking about our little one being born.

We still don't know if the fibroid or the breech position of the baby will make a c-section necessary. I guess we'll find out at our next appointment. Maybe. I'm trying not to worry about it too much. After seeing the recovery rooms (and the menu we order our meals from - nicer than a lot of hotel room service!), I'm fine with being in the hospital for a few days longer!

After the class, we decided to go to Best Buy and splurge on electronics as early xmas gifts for each other. Last year we hooked up the family room with all the latest video and sound equipment, so this year we upgraded the bedroom. Plasma, HD Tivo, Blu Ray... and then, of course, I was way too impatient when we got home and convinced DH to mount the TV on the wall, while I did all the electronic hookups. We were done in 3 hours, not bad for a couple of amateurs! I justify this by saying that if I end up with a C, I might want to stay upstairs in bed as I recover, so I "need" this stuff, right? :)

We also got the SLR camera and the camcorder - kind of a staple for the first time parents, right? Now we just need to learn how the heck to use them!!


  1. Lighting and babies is always a little tricky - photojojo has really good tips, and even the kodak website is worth checking out. (I've done the yearbooks for my daughter's school for six years, and getting parents to learn how to take good photos of kids is a giant challenge - even people who can get great travel or cocktail party shots have a hard time with kids!)

    Early Christmas sounds good - after all, you already know you're getting what you REALLY want, right?

  2. The catch-all birthing/hospital tour class sounds great! Getting all the information in one session, even if you have to look at handouts later to fully digest it all, sounds much more appealing than having to attend multiple classes on different topics. Your hospital setup sounds great and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful experience there.

    The first birthing video (and live birth, for that matter) I ever saw was when I was about 24 yrs old in nursing school. I found it pretty incredible. The only thing that really looked freaky was when they talked about breast milk and showed a woman squeeze her breast and milk spurted out like a lawn sprinkler!

    I'm sure you find LOTS of uses for the new gadgets you got!