Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is what Aysia has to say...

We had a photo shoot this morning... isn't this picture just adorable!?!?
The photographer I use comes to our house with all the lighting, backgrounds and props, and stays for as long as we want (he did pre-wedding pictures, maternity pictures, and now this). He takes tons of pictures, then just loads the jpegs onto my laptop. I want the images, not the prints, as I love to edit picture and make photo books and all kinds of things using Shutterfly. We even have a website there for all of her pictures. So I can't stand the photographers that won't give you the digital images, or that charge a fortune for them.
Here's another one I really like. I haven't edited it yet, but I'll likely crop the edges to come in a little closer, and maybe turn it to black and white...


  1. LOVE the pics. Aysia really is something else. Already showing that little personality of hers! What a cutie.
    You look fantastic too!
    I just might have to get the name and number of your photographer. The idea he will come to me sounds GREAT!!

  2. She is just gorgeous...and what a ham for the camera! I love it. She has gotten so big! The family portrait is beautiful. You have yourself quite a precious little family there!